Carl Elliott Books

Volume 2

Annals of Northwest Alabama: Volume II
Table of Contents
1. Sketches of Early Cullman County, Alabama, By Marc Miller
2. 75 New or Expanded Industries Provide 7300 New Jobs in 7th Congressional District, By W.M. Massey
3. John Williams Rogers, By Harry V. Barnard
4. An Alabama Horse-and-Buggy Minister-Doctor, By Margaret D.(Mrs. J.M.)Sizemore
5. Early Days of Franklin County, By William H. Key, Jr.
6. Rural Mail Carrier Sees the Seasons, By Joe Acee
7. Hezekiah Massey (1822-1910), By Charley Ross West
8. A Supplement to the History of the Hezekiah Massey Family, By Charley Ross West
9. Old Jasper Academy, 1859-1892, By Sheriff Lacy
10. The Hamilton Agricultural School, a History: 1895-1933, By E.W. Branyon
11. The Sipsey Fork of Black Warrior River, Alabama, By Warren W. Scott
12. What Our Garment Factory Means to Detroit, Alabama, By Mrs. Opal Thompson
13. Glimpses of Early Fayette County, Alabama, By James A. Windle and Margaret D. Sizemore
14. More About Allen T. Owen (1851-1917), By Rosa Odiel (Owen) Gatewood
15. Some Recollections, By William Jesse ("Will") Bonds
16. The National Defense Education Act of 1958, By Carl Elliott
17. Winston High Seniors Visited Nation's Capital, April 16-21, 1956, By WCHS Seniors
18. My Four-Score Years and More in Marion and Lamar Counties, BY Florence Sizemore
19. Woodrow Wilson, the Architect of Universal Peach, By Carol Scott Maddox
20. The Wakefield Family of Walker County, Alabama, By Wayne E. Wakefield
21. Let's Keep Country Schools, By Sudie C. Hicks
22. Tombigbee River Tributaries, Mississippi and Alabama, By Col. R.W. Love
23. 1830 U.S. Census of Walker County, Alabama, Compiled by Bruce Myers
24. The Lucas-Dodson Families, By Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.
25. Diversified Occupations, By J.L. Madison
26. Some Franklin County, Alabama Gravestone Records, By R.L. James
27. The Future of Coal in Walker County, and the Gasification Experiment, By Milton H. Fies
28. Drainage Areas of Certain Creeks in Alabama and Mississippi, By Col. Harold E. Bisbort
29. As I Remember, By Maggie (Massey) Byram
30. The Huttos
31. School Daze in 1889 in Blount County, By Margaret D. Sizemore
32. The Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway, By W.H. Drinkard
33. The Farm Log-Rolling, By J. Grady Stone
34. More U.S. Post Offices of Yesteryear, By Carl Elliott
35. Union Community, Franklin County, Alabama, By P.O. Davis
36. Walker County Health Center Dedication Speech, By Carl Elliott

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