Carl Elliott Books

Volume 3

Annals of Northwest Alabama: Volume III
Table of Contents

1. Some Economic and Social Aspects of the History of Cullman, Alabama, By John Clinton Bright
2. The Man with the Light in His Cap, BY Milton H. Fies
3. An Early Fayette County Home, By Marguerite T. Callahan
4. Recollections of Olden Days, By Bertha Massey King
5. Some Recollections of My Family, By Bertha Massey King
6. Early History of Winston County, Alabama Schools, By Sallie P. West
7. The Pursuit and Capture of Streight's Raiders, By John A. Wyeth, M.D.
8. From Oxcarts to Diesels: A History of Hanceville, Alabama, By Emmie Alldredge Smith
9. Our Heroes of the Gray, By J. Grady Stone
10. United States Census of Franklin County, Alabama: 1830, Compiled by Violet (Braidfoot) Cheney
11. School Days in Fayette, Alabama in 1888-1889, By Marguerite T. Callahan
12. The Civil War as Seen by Captain Isaac Jasper Rogers, By Charles E. Wilson
13. The Gentleman from Alabama: William B. Bankhead, By the Government Class 11R, Wesleyan University
14. History of Marion County, By a Committee of School Teachers

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